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What You Should Know About Essential Wetsuits

You have seen surfers using wetsuits while they are out in the middle of the ocean catching the waves, but do you know how they work? While you don’t need to wear one of these to surf, they are best as they keep you warm by trapping a layer of water between your body and the suit. Your natural body heat warms the trapped water, heating it up and keeping you warm. Here are some more tips when you head out into the water:

  • The right fit. When choosing a wetsuit, you have many options. Look for a wetsuit that is first and foremost comfortable. Next, you will want to consider if you want a suit that not only keeps you warm but also offers wind protection. If you are unsure of which suit is right for you, don’t hesitate to ask us for advice.
  • Rope. While you are out hitting the waves, you will want to ensure that your board has a leg rope attached. This helps to prevent your board from floating away if you get knocked off it. These ropes will keep you and other surfers safe while you’re riding a wave.
  • Pads. Using a grip pad on your board helps you figure out where to place your feet for a firm stance. Correct foot placement is essential for manoeuvring your board while you are on a wave.